Currently, there are more than 400,000 children living in foster homes in the United States with over 31,000 children in foster care in Texas, many of whom have been abandoned or removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Chosen Ones is dedicated to assisting current and future foster families by providing them resources to be successful.

Foster care is a system by which, certified stand-in parents temporarily care for minor children who have been removed from their birth parents because of abuse or neglect. The ultimate goal of foster care is to provide the child(ren) with a safe and nurturing environment with the services he/she needs, and then to transition the child(ren) back into a healthy environment with their biological family, either with their birth parents or other relatives. When a child is not able to return home, the courts terminate the parents’ rights to the child(ren), and the child(ren) becomes available for adoption. Typically, the foster placement becomes the adoptive placement if the foster parents choose to be the child(ren)’s permanent home, what Chosen Ones likes to call their “Forever Family.”

  • Arrow Child & Family Ministries

    Christian provider of child welfare and educational services connecting church and government to serve vulnerable children and families.

  • Covenant Kids

    An agency that consists of people united through God to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of at risk children and families in foster and adoption.

  • Lifeline Children & Family Services

    Lifeline recruits, orients, trains and supports foster families who develop their capacities to provide a nurturing and structured environment for children and youth, pending their return home, adoption or transition into independent living.

  • Refuge House

    Serve today’s forgotten youth and families by providing stable growth environments and guiding them on a path to a successful tomorrow.

  • Catholic Charities

    We’re fighting to make impacting changes studying to find the evidence we need to prove ourselves, and putting proposed solutions to the test to end poverty.

  • Gladney

    A center for adoption focused on making a difference in the lives of birth parents, families, and children here and around the world.

  • Texas Baptist Home

    Provides various resources for families and children in need.

  • Kids First

    Agency that’s purpose is to mentor families giving them the tools for therapeutic interventions in order to help traumatized children move through their pain to a place of healing.