Please Read Carefully, and Accept the Terms to Request Membership

About Chosen Ones Private Group

Chosen Ones is a support group for Foster and Adoptive families. No professional that works in the Foster care field, (Casa worker, Agency employees, CPS employee, Case Workers) are allowed to join this group.

This is an open group (closed to public) for families who are in the process of adopting, foster parents, those considering fostering or those who might be considering adoption.

NO fundraising, gofundme, private businesses or solicitation will be tolerated.. NO adoption professionals, agency workers, foster professionals, CASA workers or volunteers, attorney ad lidems, or ANY other foster/adoption professional can be added to this group!! Our members’ privacy is very important to us, and we want them to be able to share openly and honestly. Only members of this group will see your post!!

*** BEFORE requesting to join, PLEASE NOTE: We are a support group only.

Please do not post fundraiser, gofundme private business ventures or any other fundraiser efforts. Again we are for support only and do not want solicitation… Spamming will not be tolerated, nor will rude, slang, insensitive remarks made by others. YOU WILL BE DELETED.

If you request to join this group, you may be PM’d by an administrator. Please check your “others” message folder and respond. Thank you for your interest in Chosen Ones Foster/Adoption Group. This group is closed, but be aware that all posts and pictures are considered public and open. Please be mindful of what you post and share. ANOTHER MEMBER MAY SHARE YOUR POST, PICTURE OR NOTES and we have no control over this. NO photos of children in care, unless adopted, will be allowed without prior written permission. If you have a question and you wish to remain anonymous, please message the admin and we will be happy to post it for you! This is a place for support, encouragement and sharing. Please leave any drama for another FB page, not here. These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice


To be considered to join our FB page at least one of the following must have been achieved:

  • You are currently a licensed foster parent. (We will verify with the agency).
  • You must be in the process of being licensed with an Agency.
  • You must have fostered or adopted from foster care privately or internationally in the past.
    (this will require you to provide Adoption date(s) if you adopted).
  • If you are Kinship family.


  1. Do not share Any information from this group to Anyone outside of this group. (This is grounds for removal).
  2. Be supportive to posts within the group.
  3. If you have any questions please contact an Administrator. We are happy to help. We are here to support you.