We did it ! We flew from Texas to Virginia and let 2 of our boys meet their bio dad and grandparents. It went amazing and we all had a great time . Some of my favorite memories are watching my boys play frisbee with their father . And play dough . When he tickled the little one and he collapsed to the ground in a fit of laughter . When we walked through the aquarium and they got to pet sting rays . Watching him watch them and watching tears roll down his face . Late night talk with him about what happened and how he lost them . Hearing his side of the CPS crazies . Watching my husband and their biological father talk . Both of their dads forever linked together sharing sons . Seeing him struggle on crutches to walk down to sit by the beach just to be With them and seeing my husband walk slowly beside him offering assistance as needed . This trip changed me . I’m so grateful for taking this trip . It blended two families together . Adoption is such a beautiful gift .

~Tabitha Lafferty